Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter with the family

I hung out in the PLT this past weekend. No pictures of the nephews this weekend! Their cousins had a party on Sunday so they did Easter with the Medellin family. That's ok, hopefully I can catch a soccer game or two in May!

We always start our holidays at the Servantes house. I swear every one of those family members can cook: from Uncle Frank and his brisket, Aunt Fina and her sides, Mona and her desserts, yummy. The easter egg hunt was fun...does anyone know how to take good pictures of kids as their hunting eggs?? I apparently don't.

outtake, but I love it:
I snapped a couple of Julia too. She's too cute:
This is my cousin Maribel and her two kids, Devin and Derek. I will always see Devin as 8 yrs old, even if she just turned 16.

Afterwards my sister and I headed to my grandparent's house to visit with my mom's side of the family. Another easter egg hunt ensued.

This is my cousin Sara's oldest daughter, Rayven. She looks exactly like her mother!

and finally, two quick pics of 6 month old Brody:

good times were had by all :)


Neha P. Photography said...

very cute, Elena! you did great!

Bre said...

GREAT PICS!! OMG Rayven is Sarah all over again,and Brody is looking more like Little Eddie and a bit of Ben! Cute!

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