Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day.

My father. He picks up my nephews when he gets out of work to make sure they do their homework and have dinner. He takes them/coaches their sporting events and encourages them to always do their best, just like he did with his own kids. While his family is his number one priority, he's also a union man, and fights for health care benefits for employees and retirees.

I've always thought I was more like my mother than my father. But the truth is, I never knew my father until my mother got sick. Our talks were always short, but I always knew he was there. He never missed a school function, piano recital, band concert, or football game. He checks the oil in my car more often than I do and is adamant about me watching my surroundings. He calls to say good night every day. Even though I live 120 miles away, I never feel like he's too far away to depend on if I need him.

He's my rock, my conscience, my comical relief (see picture below), the standard to which I hold all other men, and most importantly, my friend. While I may have a lot of characteristics my mom had, I would be proud to become half the person my dad is.

Love you Dad. More than you'll ever know.


Dad and Nancy

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}:{ Keda }:{ said...

That is the sweetest, bestest, most sincere thing I've heard in a while. It's truly refreshing to hear of a wonderful father-daughter relationship, especially when many people make it seem easier to be absent. I've never met your father, but if he had any part of you becoming who you are (and I know he did) I applaud him. Happy father's day to your dad. Maybe I'll meet him one day.

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