Monday, July 20, 2009


What an exhausting week last week was. It was so much fun karaoking at Corkscrew on Thursday, Mixers and Elixers was a BLAST, the wedding was wonderful, and Sunday was a day of nonmovement for the most part (I went to church, chipotle, and Salentos. That's it.)

I'm going on about 3 hours of sleep last night. The past five nights or so haven't been much better. Must try tylenol PM.

This week isn't looking much easier. I'm not sure if I do these Monday posts more to tell you what I'm up to, or if it's just a way for me to remember everything that's going on.

Monday-thesis work, for real. This would also be a good day to get back on the exercise wagon. I've been slipping a lot lately. Darnit.

Tuesday- sushi with my favorite cousin (Sorry other cousins, he really is my favorite) Greg. It's been about six months since I've hung out with him and I'm hoping that will change now that he's settled in Texas for a while.

Wednesday-Bowling. My average is improving still, although it was so bad, I'm kind of happy it has no where to go but up. Last week I was most improved woman bowler. Woo hoo!

Thursday-Going to see "The Wiz" with Tina. Should be fun!!

Friday-Dinner for my good friend Tonya's birthday. Man this chick is funny-can't wait!!
new: Some friends have gotten me to start watching two new shows: True Blood and Mad Men. These are both boy tv series that I do not recommend which now I am invested in watching.

more new: I'm addicted to this song. Must get guitar fixed and learn it!!

have a good week! (pictures of the wedding are coming soon)


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