Sunday, November 15, 2009 really, everything.

Every time I have some free time I think, hey elena, you should post the blog about your fantastic vacation. oh wait! there's ice cream in the fridge! or hey elena how about posting about football season and how you're oh so proud of those awesome nephews? What? Colts vs. Patriots on Sunday night football?


this is why my thesis isn't done. and my laundry.

but this evening I curled my hair and tried a new recipe.

So here's one big long post with everything in it, excluding pictures. I'll add pictures later. Maybe. haha

1. Claire's wedding.
I loved every single thing about it. From the minute we got off the ridiculous winding road up the mountain to Ravello, it just felt beautiful. Her family was amazingly nice, and everyone knew the week was about making Claire and Charlie's wedding perfect. And so it was. Tuesday night we had a hen party where we asked all the ladies to join us at a local bar for some wine. I think everyone had a great time. Wednesday we took a chartered bus back down the mountain to go see Pompeii. Wow. Just, wow. We had a great tour guide who showed us the highlights. Very very cool. Wednesday night was the wedding dinner- not technically rehearsal dinner since there was no rehearsal and all the guests were invited--and it was all you can eat pizza. umm delicious. Great speeches, good wine, and a shot of limoncello to make you sleep better. Oh and Claire gave us bridesmaid gifts--I fell in love with the pearl necklace and ring she gave us. Since I was robbed 3 years ago and my pearl ring was stolen, i've been on the lookout for a new one. This one has such a flair to it--love love love it. Thursday was the big day. We packed up our things and went to the hotel where Claire was getting ready. I snapped some "before the real photographer" pictures, and we laughed and enjoyed the moments. I love in Mario the wedding coordinator's photos, he labeled the one of Claire, her mother, her sister and me as "a family photo." There was a short walk from the hotel to the Villa Eva, where the wedding was taking place. We passed several tourists who were oh so excited to be a part of Claire's day. The ceremony was just beautiful. When Charlie's sister shared a poem, there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. The ring bearer, Charlie's nephew, was absolutely adorable. After the ceremony, the musicians led the way down to the Ravello square where we had champagne and toasted the newly married couple. We did the pictures, ate a ridiculously rich and wonderful meal, and the wedding party danced the night away until 4am. Like I said, the whole wedding was perfection.

2. The rest of the trip.
I went back to Rome and spent a couple days by myself in Vatican City. I visited Pope John Paul II's tomb, which for me (and apparently a lot of other visitors), was a highlight. We weren't allowed to take pictures, but as soon as you got to that part of St. Peter's you could feel the energy change. People were praying to him, dropping off notes and flowers. It was just enough to make me think of the time we took a charter bus from Houston to Toronto, Canada to see him. That same energy from the crowd in Canada when JPII spoke was still there in St. Peters at his tomb. Amazing. I then went to London to spend the next week with Claire and Charlie. Poor Claire was sick but she was a trooper and took me out for sushi and a show (Avenue Q--anything that has a song called "everyone's a little bit racist" is a show for me). Charlie was great--we spent a day in Cambridge. I knew he was a great guy, but after that day I knew he was just perfect for Claire. We went punting (think sort of gondola ride in venice, but not really) and had fudge and played with our cameras. Good day. Wednesday I took a train through the chunnel! and went to Paris for the day. I saw just enough to realize I want to go back. Most of the sightseeing was done from the inside of a bus, aside from the champagne lunch on the 2nd deck of the Eiffel tower and the boat ride down the Seine. When I go back (notice I said WHEN), I must be in a relationship. It really is the most romantic city. All the lovey dovey bridges and art--it all felt like it needed to be seen with a significant other. And the Louvre? Worth every penny. Go see the art. Spend a day or two or three. It's wonderful. That's really the highlights of my trip. I'm sure there are many more stories, things I'm forgetting, but I think for this bullet, I'm done for now.

3. Football
I missed the most games I've ever missed of these crazy nephews this year. I hardly took any pictures and I never saw them win. Was I a jinx? Maybe. The 7yr old finished his last year of pee wee football and is looking forward to terrorizing the junior league next year. The 10 yr old had a rough year. New coaches, new teammates, and it was really a struggle. Once he figured things out though, he was great. Those kids are great. I can't tell you how proud I am that they're growing up to be such good kids. Sure they have their attitude problems but at the end of the day, I can't wipe the smile off my face after hanging out with them. They crave energy, attention and love. By golly, they will always get that from me. I'm taking them to their first professional football game after Thanksgiving--Texans vs. Colts. I'm actually really excited to be with them as they experience their first trip to reliant stadium to see real live football players (including the incredibly awesome Payton Manning!) They're going to love it.

4. What else was I behind on blogging about?
I can't remember. I cleaned my house from top to bottom this weekend and while it looks fantastic I know it won't stay that way for long. Plus I really hurt my back when I was scrubbing the tub. Take your own advice ergo lady.

5. Lovey Dovey ok really stop it.
I said a few months ago that if anymore of my friends got engaged or married, I was going to scream. Wouldn't you know, Mike, Clay, Laurance, and Justine all got engaged or are getting married in the next coming months after I said that? Like I've always said, I'm so happy my friends have found their significant others but come on! Is it my turn yet? I know I know, you can't rush these things...but does anyone have Shemar Moore's phone number? or Demeco Ryans? or a decent looking guy who will accept the following requirements:
* take out the trash
*walk Rocko when I'm sick
*pay half my bills
*maintain my car
*must be able to cook, or be willing to clean, not necessarily both
*slightly smarter than me, or at least smarter in a different way.
*respect and love me for who i am and think that even though we make blue, it's a GOOD thing.
I really don't think it should be this complicated to find that guy.

6. Coming Up Next
Saturday, the 21st- Clay's wedding. I can't believe Claybird is getting married. Mindboggling how much we've grown up since college...He got me through many chem tests by helping me study at the library. I'm excited for what his future holds.
20--something? When is Thanksgiving?
28th-Texans vs. Colts. Hopefully we'll see a good game.
December 1st: K-pat's birthday! I have to send her the BEST gift--something she'll never suspect! I need ideas!
December 5th: Faith's birthday. I can't believe that little girl is turning 1. She is soo adorable. Her blue eyes melt me.
December 10th: Keda, I won't say your age, but it's your b-day. I'm going to make you a bucket of devil's punch and a cake pan-sized pazookie. Deal? :)
dec. 25th: Christmas time already? Good lord.
Jan 2: Mike Drabs wedding! should be a boot scootin' good time! Seriously, I might wear my boots.
Jan 30th: Elena hosts her first baby shower. any tips? I'm not allowed to play "ridiculous games"

Aaaaaand I'm done for now. I think between getting ready for baby and finishing my proposal before the end of the year, not to mention all the other work things and holidays, birthdays, and weddings packed in, it'll be a crazy next few months. I hope I have the strength to do it. I hope I can maintain my exercise schedule and work on developing a sleep schedule (that puts me to bed before midnight--not making it tonight as it's 11:57pm and i still have to walk Rocko).

here we go!


Bre said...

Whew! I'm dizzy!
First, seriously??? Still no thesis?? I'm going to come over there and lock us in your house until it is DONE! Grocery shop before I get there cream, sprites and parrot bay should get us through a few days! ;-)
Second, you went all over another country by yourself? I'm impressed and in awe! I have a hard time wandering around Houston alone! LOL
Third, if you're not dead set on seeing Paris with someone you're madly in love with, you can settle for someone ya love and take me!
Fourth, add to your list of requirements for the perfect man a SUPER hot, SUPER rich brother/cousin/best bed for your awesome cousin and I'll help you start the search today.
Fifth, my bday is December 26. Ya know, since you have such a nifty little calendar of events going.
Sixth, I have to agree with your dear sister about games. I threatend slow, painful death if anyone at my shower tried to do something like wrap toilet paper around my fatness. LOL And, if you need help/ideas for the shower you know my number. I've been there a time or two. LOL

Bre said...

Edit number four, it should say best BUD, WHERE is my mind this morning?? LOL SUPER hot and SUPER rich must do something to me! ;-)

Elena said...

oh Bre...haha you're the best. 1st: i'm getting crazy pressure from the boss to get it done. It's getting done, hopefully May 2010! (It's a work goal so it HAS to get done now) But I will gladly stock my fridge if you'd still like to come over! :)
2nd: It was a different experience spending a few days by myself this year. I love seeing new things but with my camera its hard to get the "look at me with the eiffel tower" shots. Anytime you need a buddy in Houston, I'm your girl.
3rd: Yes of COURSE you can come with me on my next trip! Singapore in June? maybe? :)
4th: umm you're married! I'll save the super hot/super rich for myself!
5th: added! I have to figure out what to do for your bday
6th: thanks, I might take you up on it! thanks for the comments bre :)

}:{ said... make my head spin. At least you took time to reflect on the awesomeness that is Elena. I love getting snippets of your life. And about the can scream THIRTY from the rooftops. I earned those years, darnit! :D Can't believe it, though. Dunno about the devil's punch, especially by the bucket, but I'll take you up on the enormous Pizookie (who could say no?).

neha said...

i have an idea for the baby shower! why don't you get plain colored onesies in various sizes for baby (obviously!) and have guests decorate them in paints, markers, jewels...whatever!!! they can write something cute on them, draw on them....whatever they desire!!

Elena said...

what a great idea!!! thanks neha!

Oliver Ganns said...

Whoa, Elena. Some requirements you got there, huh. I mean, do you really need a guy to maintain your car? If your problem is that you keep on forgetting to have it maintained, you can just ask your local auto shop to give you service postcards. And you need a man to take out the trash for you? You're exaggerating, right? Ha ha! Don't rush into marriage, Elena. TRUST ME.

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