Monday, August 17, 2009

alright monday, let's do this.

Mood: lovely
Craving: deep, dark sleep
Highlight of my weekend: the whole weekend was one big highlight, minus the flat tire and sat. nightmare about aliens.
Weekly Goals: become remotivated about exercising.

Fragrance: ck euphoria, although i'm running out. Should I buy something new? hmmm..
Quote of the day: from 20-nothings, a blog that I love love love, " Some things happen for a reason, others because you make them happen, and a strange, special few because of an unexpected combo between the former, latter, and luck."

Theme song: The World Exploded Into Love, Bob Schneider

Gotta get it done: everything. Everything's gotta get done.
Breakfast beverage: chai tea

Grateful For: feeling too much all the time. It reminds me how crazy life is...

picture of the week. D's a beautiful bride. Thanks to Keda for letting me tag along. Can't wait to see her pictures!

no really, wow.


}:{ Keda }:{ said...

You really need to stop putting me to shame. :P

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