Sunday, December 13, 2009

Elena attempts to bake

I made cake balls! They're much easier to make than I thought. I was inspired by this post by Bakerella. There's no way I'm that talented with frosting though to make cute little reindeer. So I figured, maybe I can pull off some christmas ornaments. Here's what happened.

1. Bought all the ingredients yesterday while shopping at HEB. Unfortunately their sprinkle selection was not to my liking. Add to my list to buy sprinkles tomorrow at Target.

2. 2nd Quarter of the Texans game, getting bored watching the Texans run all over the Seahawks, decide it's cake ball time. Mix all my ingredients and wait for the delicious smell to wander from my kitchen.

3. Allow the cake to cool down, add a 1/4 cake at a time to mixing bowl and crumble to pieces until the entire cake is in the bowl. Mix in frosting. The smells at this point were almost unbearable. I confess, I saved myself a piece of cake. (=D)

the beginning of cake balls!

4. Cool mixture in refrigerator whilst gone on trip to target. Make a mental note to use whilst in everyday talk. At target, get sidetracked and buy all kinds of crap I don't need. Sounds about right. Finally remember what I'm there for and buy sprinkles.

5. Back, prepared and ready to get on with these cake balls. my house still smells like chocolate cake and I'm getting hungrier and hungrier. Melt some white chocolate in a bowl and add the food coloring. Ok, what the crap did I do wrong? When I added the food coloring, it looked like a globby mess and wouldn't become liquid anymore? So I wasted HALF of my white chocolate candy coating making booger trash. Darnit.

6. Next I use the rest of the white chocolate to cover as many cake balls as I can. I get 7 done. And my are they ugly. Bakerella I am not. I'm not even close. Like I could be the worst baker of all time. Feeling like a failure, I shove my creations back in the freezer and pout to randall's for more chocolate.

7. About 10 balls in, I got the hang of it. I had a system of adding sprinkles and worked as fast as I can. I made 45 balls and only messed up 3. By mess up I mean broke in half while trying to cut off excess chocolate to make them look like cake balls not cake blobs.

8. I chose the prettiest, roundest cake ball to show you what I did. I'm telling you, they're much tastier than they look. But I had 2. One covered in green booger chocolate and another that broke in my hand. I ate them 3 hours ago and I am JUST now coming off my sugar high. These things could be dangerous.

I think I'll take them to work and pawn em off on the guys. =)

When I was younger, aside from wanting to be a tornado chaser, I wanted to be a cake designer. I now realize why that dream never came true. I suck at baking.

Happy holidays, y'all.

my "they don't look anything like bakerella's" cake balls
cake balls!


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