Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things I've read this week you might find interesting

This is part of my "I really want to blog more" kick. The longest streak of blogging ever: 3.

1. I can't stop watching this cute little puppy. Seriously, cutest thing ever.

2. If this is marriage, no thanks.

3. I'll admit it. I love Glee. Wasn't the season finale awesome? My favorite of all the episodes.

4. A future purchase for Baby Emma. I'll wait a few months though. :)

5. The Big Picture is going through it's top photos of 2009. They're worth looking at--amazing pictures from across the world.

6. Feel-good movies I've seen lately that you should too: The Blindside and Invictus. Both true stories, both excellently portrayed. You'll root for the good guys through both movies.

7. What I have to say over and over in my head until May when this whole thesis junk is over!!

8 . So far, so true.

9. It pains me to say, but my cravings for the crack chicken have ceased. I had a bad experience with Chipotle. My loyalty is slowly switching to the adjacent sandwich shop. God bless you, turkey wich.

10. I love the end of the year, when the best of photos are named. Warning: Nerdiness alert.

11. GREAT textures posted on Pay it Forward for the Christmas season. Love these.


Amelia said...

I love the design of your blog, and I'm glad you are blogging more these days. You have really creative posting ideas!

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