Monday, May 18, 2009

Good Morning Monday, I promise I won't curse you...

Another Monday. The weekend was good in Port Lavaca. Hooray for haircuts and pedicures! Oh and I got to see my favorite dentist, Doc Miller in Port O Connor, who was down for Warrior's weekend. I really wish I could've taken some pictures of the awesome fishing tournament that was going on for war veterans, but Doc took us on a boat ride and we missed the weigh in. Ah well, next time. The boat ride was fun, and it was nice catching up with Doc. Sunday was what I expected. I went to church with the family and then we went out to the cemetary. Really, I can't believe it's been three years.

Questions for Monday:

Mood: reserved
Craving: Chipotle
Highlight of my weekend: the boat ride in Port O Connor
Weekly Goals: wake up early 2 days this week to exercise

Fragrance: I may have overdone the hairspray, so I'm really smelling that this morning.
Quote of the day: Zen to Fitness had a really good article on the 20 Do's and Don'ts of Good Health. I'm posting that as my quote for the day.

Theme song: No Creo En Jamas, Juanes, for a couple reasons. #1: who doesn't want to see Juanes on a Monday!?! and #2: Translated, this song rocks.

Gotta get it done: i won't even say it, since it seems to never change.
Breakfast beverage: green chai tea

Grateful For: Swirrl, my favorite yogurt shop, for bringing back the 35 calorie goodness that is peanut butter yogurt. (it's the little things in life!)

The 20 Do's and Don'ts of Good Health, from Zen Fitness


1- Floss your teeth regularly

2- Think Postive and Healthy thoughts

3- Wear a Helmet during high risk sports and always wear a seatbelt

4- Do something you fear everyday

5- Eat healthy and get sun

6- Do a kind deed for someone else when you can

7- Accept what is……..

8- Spend time with your freinds and family when you can

9- Don't cheat

10- Be as Honest as you can

11- Workout fasted

12- Keep your mind active through Maths, Quizzes, Crosswords

13- Keep a Gratitude Journal

14- Always have a goal or something to look forward to…..

15- Keep life in balance

16- Meditate or Practice deep relaxation/breathing

17- Do it Anyway and Take one day at a time

18- Do weights/resistance training regularly

19- Accept moods as moods and know they will pass…..

20- Watch your thoughts and Listen to Music


1- Focus on the Negative’s in Your Life

2- Dwell on how you feel/emotions

3- Eat refined foods from a box/package

4- Be unproductive

5- Take things for granted

6- Hide how you feel and lock up emotions

7- Avoid Excercise

8- Take perscription medicine unless you really know you need it

9- Give into struggles and slumps

10- Think in words like always, never, every time, every one

11- Make Assumptions

12- Hang around Toxic Smells and Chemicals

13- Use a Microwave

14- Drink from plastic Bottles

15- Let thoughts run over and over in your head

16- Withold love

17- Avoid eating fat

18- Let toxic people affect your life

19- Mull over things for too long

20- Fight to be right


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