Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Port O'Connor, Texas

Like I've already said, this weekend was nice hanging out with Dr. Miller. He was my boss in Huntsville for 4 years. Here's what I learned working at Doc's office:

1. Dr. Miller was always right. No matter how conservative Republican his view was, he was always right. I learned very quickly not to argue with him. About most things. Occasionally it was fun to get him riled up. haha
2. He liked to call me different names, which I inevitably had to get over. It started with Eloise and quickly moved to J-Lo. Towards the end it was treehugger and earth muffin. This weekend he called me princess several times. hilarious.
3. HE learned that just because you hire a Hispanic does not mean you've solved your language barrier problems. When he asked me to communicate to a patient in spanish I looked at him and said "did you SEE bilingual on my resume?" he was so mad it was hilarious!!!
3. The girls that worked for him were amazing. I learned so much from them. They're wonderful mothers to their children and were great advice givers to a crazy girl trying to make it through college...
4. Even after 4 years, i still miss them all. Hopefully we can all get together this summer in Port O'Connor.

Port O'Connor pictures:
Port O'Connor, Tx
Port O' Connor, Tx

Doc and Casey
Doc and Casey
little fish, but a fish none the less...
Bud on the boat
cap'n Bud
Bud overboard!
Bud after turn
Back at his post:
Bud back at his job


Bre said...

GREAT pics!! LOVE Doc and Casey pic.
Too funny about him wanting you to communicate to a patient, people do that to me??? Hmmm. Wonder WHY?? LOL

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